About UPC


Over 40 Years of Proven Quality

UPC, and its parent company, General Coatings Manufacturing Corp. (GCMC), have a nearly four-decade history of developing and producing top urethane chemistry. Our chemistry is used in thousands of industrial, commercial and household products throughout the world. Many of the largest Fortune 500 companies have selected our chemistry for its unparalleled quality and consistency, all produced in one of our many ISO 9001:2015 certified factories. With over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing, office and warehousing areas, and nearly 40 chemists on staff, GCMC can develop and produce a virtually endless array of unique urethane products for almost any application.

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CORE VALUES: At the heart of our company’s culture is that quality matters above all else. This single defining principal is what has fueled our ongoing success, allowed us to weather storms, and driven long-term customer loyalty.

  • Polyurethane foam insulation and coating solutions for commercial, industrial and residential needs.
  • Roofing restoration systems over bur, metal and spf.
  • Elastomeric coatings for cool roof systems.
  • Building materials for waterproofing and protection.
  • Building insulation system.
  • Tank and cold storage insulation systems.
  • Full warranties available.
  • Project specific specifications.
  • Provide SPFA PCP roofing certification classes.
  • Fully-certified products.
  • Shipping to anywhere in the world.
  • Distribution warehouses in California, Arizona, Texas & Pennsylvania.
UPC’s products are top-notch all the way. After years of witnessing the big brands cheapening out their formulas, it’s nice to finally find a company that is putting quality chemistry first.


J. Cardello
JVC Insulation, Westchester NY
The UPC 2.0 Max has been a real game changer. It has allowed my business to become much more competitive and dramatically improve our closed-cell margins. We saw a 10-15% reduction in material costs when we switched!
J. Klein
Compass Insulation, Ft Lauderdale FL
The UPC 500 Max is a remarkable ultra-high yield open-cell foam. A solution based formula that does not require aggressive agitation, is no fuss, and cuts smoothly.


L. Costa
Miranda Insulation, Stamford CT