Roofing Spray Foam

Ultra-Thane Spray Foam Roof Systems

For over 25 years, Fresno, California-based General Coatings Manufacturing Corp. (GCMC) has developed and manufactured spray polyurethane foam (SPF) for roofing and tank insulation, which provide contractors with easy to use, and high yielding. SPF foams exhibit superior energy saving solutions due to its air sealing, excellent R value and continuous installation for use in agricultural buildings, low slope roofs, and wine storage tanks.

Sustainable | Light-Weight | Self-Flashing | Energy-Efficient


  • Ultra-Thane spray foam roof systems are field applied seamless membranes, fully adhered to the entire deck substrate, and self-flashed around every penetration leading to reduced entry points for rainwater penetration. Properly installed SPF roofs perform as designed to full warranty term as they are tough, durable, and long-lasting roof systems that resist normal mechanical wear and destructive thermal expansive forces.
  • GCMC Spray Foam systems reduce the impact of global “climate change” with low GWP components in renewable and sustainable roofing solutions.
  • GCMC roof coatings can reduce “urban heat island effect” and are compliant with CRRC, EnergyStar, and CEC Title 24 energy efficient building code standards to provide excellent solar reflectance, and energy savings.
  • GCMC high-performance roof coating offerings of acrylic elastomeric, high solids silicone, 2-component polyurethane and Polyaspartic products restore and weather-proof existing commercial, residential, and industrial structures.