Ultra-Thane 230 Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Produced under the General Coating’s label, Ultra-Thane 230 rigid polyurethane foam for roof, tank, hot and cold storage is proven, reliable, and certified to meet the rigorous protection demands of Architects, Contractors and Building Owners. The Ultra-Thane 230 formula has been in production for over three decades and has stood the test of time on thousands of projects.

Ultra-Thane 230 is a closed-cell polyurethane which when applied adheres to the substrate of any shape, size or roof slope and becomes a monolithic, seamless part of the structure. It can be installed directly to the deck and over numerous roof substrates (Metal, BUR, Plywood, Concrete, and Dens-Deck). Ultra-Thane 230 allows contractors to restore or re-roof existing buildings to achieve a warrantable, waterproof system at economical cost without unnecessary tear-offs. Ultra-Thane 230 roof foam will improve a building’s energy efficiency by providing a continuous thermal break from its uniform layer of 6.6 per inch “R” value insulation.

Sustainable | Light-Weight | Self-Flashing | Energy-Efficient


  • R-value of 6.6 at 1”

  • Can be formulated in a variety of densities to accommodate a broad range of applications, but most commonly 2.0 lb, 2.5 lb, 2.7 lb and 3.0 lb/ft³

  • Used in roofing as a superior thermal insulation and waterproofing product for new and remedial roofing

  • Performs on roof conditions where outdoor temperature's vary from -50°F (-45°C) to 200°F (93°C)

  • Used in cold storage as the insulation of choice for maintaining the rigid climatic conditions

  • Used to insulate both hot and cold storage tanks

  • Two component spray-in-place rigid monolithic polyurethane foam

  • Class A (Class 1) fire rated

  • Contains CFCs, HCFCs or other gases harmful to the ozone layer